This amazing fair stand was an installation on the PITTI UOMO fair in Florence. Showing a day and night animation, including sound animations and light effects. the story was about a winter wonderland with a frozen lake in the middle of the stand and all visitors were supposed to ‚jump‘ into the Marc O Polo Winter-Wonder-Land.Panorama-01-SMALL (72 dpi) Pitti-MOP-Jan09-small-2762 (72 dpi) Pitti-MOP-Jan09-small-2788 (72 dpi) Pitti-MOP-Jan09-small-2889 (72 dpi) Pitti-MOP-Jan09-small-2915 (72 dpi) Pitti-MOP-Jan09-small-2951 (72 dpi) Pitti-MOP-Jan09-small-3105 (72 dpi) Pitti-MOP-Jan09-small-3160 (72 dpi) Pitti-MOP-Jan09-small-3219 (72 dpi)